Kashima-Shinryū鹿島神流is a traditional Japanese school of martial art (koryū bujutsu), tracing its roots back to the fencing techniques of Kashima-no-Tachi. Following a curriculum dating back to the 16th century, practitioners ofKashima-Shinryūstudy a variety of combat disciplines, including the sword (kenjutsu), grappling (jūjutsu), the halberd (naginatajutsu), the spear (sōjutsu), the knife (kaikenjutsu), and short and long staff (jōjutsuandbōjutsu).Based in traditional teaching techniques,Kashima-Shinryūdoes not include any modern sportive elements such as group drills, sparring, or tournaments. Instruction instead relies on paired teacher-student exercises, and is provided onlyon a non-commercial basis with the explicit authorisation of the current headmaster (shihanke).


The branch is currently closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Changes in status will be announced when they are available.

In the sword there is no sword;
make a sword of the body.
In the body there is no body;
make a body of the spirit.

- att. Kunii Zen’ya, Nihon budo no engen, Seki H.
K. Friday, trans.

Kashima-Shinryū Federation of Martial Sciences 2019